In psychology of restriction
silence of the mind
in insecurity of the true
the unplanned stop
and victory resigned
I feel a voice declare,
Go on.


I wound myself but I can’t heal myself
not so bad to be sheep
if the Lord is shepherd
who splints the leg
and pays the keep
I see the lea unfold and hear,
Go on.

The blind should not volunteer
to lead the blind
but to see even one step further
is to be a guide,
to guess the meaning
for searching eyes, and say,
Go on.

You pray forgiveness for swearing
or otherwise coming undone
I like your language better
than silver tongue
when I see you stutter
and not know where you’re coming from,
Go on.

Now! past phantoms of inaction
past ashes in the pot
the quietus of seeds unsown
the ruins of Old Earth
and of Old Heaven,
in an age when stronger than Rise up
must be Go on.


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